About US

About us

BTCA Immigration & Investment Consultant is a nationally respected immigration consulting company. We are devoted to providing clients with accurate immigration advice and excellent service.
As fast expanding, we also provide service in applying for education program, study permit and extension. We are designated agent by Dorset College, Sprott-Shaw College and Gateway College; moreover, we also have connections with most colleges and universities in British Columbia.
Our Value is our clients’ comments and concerns. For each client we serve, we give our undivided attention and are committed to provide our services with our Respect, Knowledge, and Expertise.
Our Purpose is to help our clients achieve their migration goals with ease.

Our Services

FREE professional assessment services:

  • Personalized assessments of your qualification and response your inquiries;

● Education Service

  • Introduce the best program/school to client;
  • Apply for study permit & extension;
  • Handle every procedure for clients.
● Facilitate your Application Process:
  • Find the eligible employer;
  • Arrange the interview for you and the potential employer;
  • Process Labour Market Opinion Application;
  • Process your Live-in Caregiver Work Permit Application;
  • Process your Permanent Resident Visa Application;
  • Track your applications until the LMO, Work Permit, and Canada immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa are successfully issued;
  • Prepare you for your arrival at a Canadian port of entry.
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